App UI/UX research on the fly

Reach real users instantly, get answers within hours.

The optimal tool for rapidly getting answers to dilemmas
while in the process of UI/UX decision making.

Validate your UI design
and UX flow choices.

Through your app, to your own app users.
On prototypes.

  • Give small tasks to your users
  • See how they ‘re doing within hours

Why Happen?

Because of some very convenient key features:

Target a big number of real users.
The larger the audience,
the more accurate the feedback.
Focus on pain areas.
Narrow your research to the problems that you want to solve.

Set multiple tasks that we will randomly distribute to your users.
Get instant insight.
What you get back is numbers.

What you don’t get back is long videos of people playing with your app which you have to watch one by one, analyze and come up with a combined conclusion - after a few days.
Repeat unnoticed!
Make changes, go for another round and never worry that you will tire your users.

We will make sure that each round will target a new audience segment.

How Happen works

Think - Create - Test - Improve - Repeat
Create Prototypes
Import screens and create one or multiple prototypes. Set your tasks to test all the functions you want.
Choose Audience
Find your user personas.
Your own users or target audience through Happen pool of users.
Get Results
Get results within minutes.
Instant task driven statistics, analytics, heatmaps, conversion funnels and user flows.

Go for as many rounds as you need without a second thought.

It is simple and quick.

All-in-one user testing platform

Get feedback before writing any single line of code
Create unlimited prototypes and set specific app features you want to optimize.
Tap into a large pool of testers, capturing feedback even before you have any users!
Run your tests to your own users for free. You know them better, they are always there.
Reward your users for their participation and increase their engagement. Simple and it works.
Get results within minutes. Simplified charts, heatmaps and userflows. Just grab a coffee!
Monetize by serving tests of fellow publishers. Just add one line of code and get paid!